Metal Sod Staples & Round Top Pins

Sod staples are used to secure erosion blankets and landscape fabrics, holding them in place for long-term applications.  We can provide domestic and imported sod staples of all sorts including square top, U-shaped tops, round/coil tops and washer pin styles.

U-Shaped or "Square Top" Sod Staples

These are the most common type and are generally used to secure erosion blankets and/or landscape fabric into place.  The most common are 11 gauge 6"x1"x6" with 8 gauge 8"x1"x8" being a close runner-up in popularity.  However, we can provide a variety of gauges lighter and heavier and longer and shorter than these.


Round Top Pins / Staples

Round Top Pins are popular in many parts of the country.  They are desirable because they hold down more surface area than square top staples, are less likely to bend and are easier to see once installed.  The most common are 6 inch 11 gauge and 8 inch 8 gauge.  These are also referred to as Round Top Staples, G-Top Staples, G-Top Pins, Circle Top Staples and Circle Top Pins.

Round top pins/staples provide a 4-5 times more secure hold than standard U shaped staples.

Washer Pin Sod Staples

Fabric Pins with Washers are another way of holding landscape fabrics and erosion control mats and blankets in place.  The most common are 6 gauge in 12" and 18" lengths with a 1-1/12" diameter washer.