Safety Fence, Snow Fence, Warning Barrier

We can provide virtually any type of high-density polyethylene fence for you from 7lb lightweight warning barrier fence to heavy diamond chain link style safety fence to heavy-duty snow fences up to weights of 48lbs per roll for maximum protection!  Colors other than orange are available in heights up to 6 feet tall.

Visual Warning Barrier Safety fence

Our most popular lightweight styles of safety fence are "oriented."  Orienting is a process in which extra strength is added by creating across-hatched micro-weld that makes the fence up to 3x stronger than the competition's.  This isn't the horrible paper-thin lightweight fence you have seen before!


Diamond chain link safety fence

Our medium to heavy-duty diamond chain link style safety fence is our most popular in this category and hits the sweet spot combination of visual and physical safety barrier.  It is strong, with a full year of UV stability built in and is fully recyclable!


snow fence

Our snow fence selection can't be beat.  We start with a super versatile 12lb non-oriented fence that makes a great medium weight high-visibility snow/safety fence, as well as having great surface area to catch drifting snow.  From there we can produce up to a 48lb snow fence and everything in between to serve your specific needs.