“Post tensioning” is a technique used to reinforce concrete. Post Tension “tendons” pre-stressing steel cables inside plastic tubes (sheaths or sleeves) are positioned in the forms before the concrete is poured in place.


We offer a variety of post tension products including, but not limited to…

  • Post-Tension Chairs

  • Polyethylene Sheeting (“Poly” or “Visqueen”) for Post Tension

  • Pocket Formers

  • Post-Tension Cable (Post-Tension Strand)

Post tension & Rebar chairs

Chairs help support and elevate sheathed post-tension cable, rebar and steel while concrete is being poured.  A variety of sizes and styles are available for both rebar chairs and post tension chairs, as well as highway paving chairs, intersectional chairs, utility chairs, pocket-formers and rebar end caps.  Contact us and let us help you with your rebar needs!

POLY Sheeting for post-tensioning

We offer a wide variety of domestic (Made in U.S.A.) black and clear Polyethylene Sheeting, also referred to as Poly or Visqueen for Post-Tension use in a wide range of mil thicknesses from 1mil to 20mil. We also offer 10mil Vapor Barrier and 15mil Vapor Barrier products.