Dewatering Bags by CDOW Wholesale

Our Filter Bags are sewn from durable 8oz non-woven geotextile fabric. Each sediment filter bag is double-stitched with strong strand cord. The “snout”, also referred to as the “throat” can quickly and easily be secured around the pump’s discharge hose by using the built-in securing strap.

Dewatering Bag Filter Bag Silt Bag Dirt Bag

Our Dewatering Tubes are an easy and cost-effective option to remove silt and sediment from job sites, home sites, construction sites, dredging sites, power plants, utility plots, waste water treatment plants and sports fields. Many municipalities, cities, inspectors and project managers require filtering for standing water, runoff, discharge or waste water to protect streams, rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. Stay in compliance with both federal and local stormwater regulations and requirements. Follow best practices and guidelines for SWPPP, SWP3P and MS4 to keep your DOT happy!

Dewatering Bag Filter Bag Silt Bag Dirt Bag Spout Throat

We are a wholesale large volume supplier of Dewatering Tubes, Bags and Socks, but for our Filter Bags, we can often ship smaller quantities. Please contact us about your specific filtering needs. Custom sizes and fabric weights may be available depending on your specific needs.

Dewatering Bag Filter Bag Silt Bag Dirt Bag Double Sewn Closeup

We manufacture using high-quality black geo-textile fabric. Our standard bag is made from a very durable 8oz non-woven fabric. The bags are great for erosion control scenarios and jobsites! Our common stocked sizes are…

  • 8oz 3'x4' Dewatering Bag (40/Bundle, 200/Pallet)

  • 8oz 5'x6' Dewatering Bag (30/Bundle, 150/Pallet)

  • 8oz 10'x15' Dewatering Bag (25/Bundle, 50/Pallet)

  • 8oz 15'x15' Dewatering Bag (15/Bundle, 30/Pallet)

Other names for Dewatering Bags:

Filter Socks
Filter Bags
Dirt Bags

Silt Filter Bags
Sludge bags
Pump Bags

Sediment Bags

Dewatering Tubes
Dewatering Socks