Construction Film, Bags, Liners, Covers & More

We provide a large variety of sizes and thicknesses of polyethylene construction film, contractor trash bags, drum liners, pallet covers and more in both clear and black.  Custom sizes available.

construction film / poly sheeting

We carry a variety of construction films from 1 mil to 10 mil including reinforced poly in rolls up to 400ft or longer upon request.  Available in black and clear.


contractor trash bags & Drum Liners

Our super strong contractor trash bags come standard in 2.5 mil and 3 mil thicknesses and are ideal for construction sites where rough debris needs to be collected and contained.  We can manufacture drum liners to fit different liners and cans and are great for parks, malls, fairs, shopping centers, landscapers and much more.  Standard color is black, but clear, blue and other colors can also be manufactured.


We can also provide a variety of other specialty polyethylene products such as:

  • Pallet Covers
  • Industrial Can & Drum Liners
  • Close-Off Film
  • Tubing
  • Custom Bags
  • Flashing